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Jessica Whitley R. TCM. P

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Registered Acupuncturist

Registered Chinese Herbalist

Retired RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)



I have had an interesting journey along this road we call life. This personal journey has lead me to studying and learning many different alternative healing modalities, as well as completing 7 years of postsecondary education and studies in human sciences. These studies have provided me with a unique perspective of the human body, allowing me to understand both musculoskeletal structure, form and function, and also Internal medicine from a Chinese Medicine perspective. I feel so grateful to have the ability to share the many tools I have acquired, to provide treatment, and to help facilitate your body on it's own healing journey.


In 2014 I graduated from the four year, 3,400 hour Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCM) program, from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson B.C (now the Kootenay Columbia College of Integrated Health Sciences). Before my TCM career path I completed the three year, 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapy program at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy, where I then practiced as an RMT in my home town of Castlegar, B.C for a number of years. 


I have now retired as an RMT and have shifted my focus primarily to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I continue to bring the soft tissue diagnostic skills I acquired during my profession as an RMT, when assessing and treating pain syndromes. I use acupuncture to release trigger points during my treatments and will sometimes use Chinese Tui na massage to release soft tissues during treatment.


Since graduating from my TCM program I have taken many extra classes. Some examples are woman's health, sleep issues, autoimmune and digestive disorders, pain syndromes, emotional wellness and many, many more. 

I currently reside in my hometown of Castlegar with my husband and son, enjoying all the outdoor activates Kootenay life offers us! I look forward to meeting with you and helping you on your path to wellness.






Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are ancient healing modalities that have been used for thousands of years. Together they form a complete holistic healthcare system that can be helpful with such things as enhancing our immune system, supporting our physical and emotional well being and in the treatment and prevention of many illnesses.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine provide a whole body approach to healing. Fine sterile needles are placed in various acupuncture points on the body, stimulating it's endocrine and nervous systems, bringing about our body's natural healing abilities and regulating homeostasis.


From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective acupuncture points activate Qi, the vital energy that flows throughout the body, providing nourishment to all of it's parts and protecting it from illness. From a Western medicine perspective an example of Qi would be our bodies natural metabolic processes that occur on a daily basis, such as assimilating food and air into nutrients, blood and oxygen for our body to use.


Qi moves through pathways in the body called meridians. These meridians flow like a river providing health and nutrition to our body's organs, glands and tissues. If there is a blockage or disruption of the flow of Qi in these pathways, we may not be receiving the necessary nutrients our bodies need to function effectively, and health issues may begin to occur. Some factors in life that may block the healthy flow of Qi can include things such as physical or emotional trauma, stress, accidents, poor diet, lack of exercise or even overexertion.

Many other modalities can be used to stimulate the flow of Qi during Chinese Medicine treatments. Some of these modalities include herbal remedies, electro-acupuncture, gua sha, cupping and tui na massage.

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Fine sterile needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate Qi and the body's innate healing response.

Treatments include health history, tongue and pulse diagnosis, treatment plan.

Herbal formulas may be given if determined and discussed.

Other modalities may include cupping, electroacupuncture and Tui Na Massage

                                                                                         Initial consult   1hr 30 m    $125.0

                      Return visit       1hr 15 m    $105.00                             

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m



Jessica D. Whitley R.TCM.P


to book online please use link:


or call : 1-(250)-304-4509

#140-1402 Columbia Ave., Castlegar B.C., V1N 3K3

For specific questions regarding Acupuncture and TCM with Jessica please contact:

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